Free Beautiful New Year Wishes Greeting Card and Wishes – Ready To Use

New years is a time when you celebrate the joy of happiness and bonds with your friends and family. It is that time in a year when everyone goes crazy and become happy no matter how busy they are in their life. It does not see any religion, caste, and gender.

Together we walk

Together we talk

As One, into another New Year.

With blessings from above

I give thanks every day for your love.

When you plant a kiss on my wet lips 

When you soothe my ruffled mind with tender words

When you move your fingers softly on my bare back

When you press your throbbing heart against mine

I lose the count of time.

Let me congratulate you one again

For the talent you showcased

Through your performances this year.

But let us forget that we are as good as Our latest accomplishments. 

So strive on and also enjoy the dawing of another year.

A New Day beckons on the horizon

Enjoy this day but do not forget to reckon

The blessings you have received so far

Happy New Year!

New Year wishes from the luckiest man I am blessed to have you as my girlfriend

May this New Year brings lot of happiness, money and joy

Happy New Year!

May sunshine never fail showing you your path

May moonbeam caress and soothe your frayed nerves 

May your garden never feel thirsty of rain water

May the inside of your home become a paradise

For you, full of trust, laughter and mirth.

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